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    The purpose of the Joseph Smith Research Institute is to help you better understand the perspective of truth taught and lived by Joseph Smith, the first prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Stephen A. Douglas, a circuit judge in Illinois and future U.S. presidential candidate, visited Nauvoo and asked the Prophet how he could lead a multinational church that consisted of recent converts from widely-diverse religious points-of-view and educational experience. Joseph’s answer is as succinct a summary of the Prophet’s mission as there is on record. Joseph simply said: “I teach them the truth and they govern themselves.”

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The Words of Joseph Smith

The greatly expanded, The Words of Joseph Smith: The Prophet’s Teachings from the Earliest Manuscripts, as the subtitle suggests, will no longer simply consist of his Nauvoo sermons: it will now feature the most comprehensive, annotated, and accurate collection of doctrine as revealed through him ever published. Many documents will appear for the first time in a compilation of Brother Joseph’s teachings.

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Future JSRI Works

  • Teachings and Sayings of the Prophet Joseph Smith
  • The Concordance of Joseph Smith’s Teachings
  • Joseph Smith: Choice Seer of the Ages
  • Joseph Smith and Our Temple Blessings, A Scripture Study Guide

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