Joseph Smith’s “Lecture on the Priesthood” to the Nauvoo Relief Society

LDS Chapel in Draper, UT 13333 Bechers Brook Way, Draper, UT, United States

The focus will be on Joseph Smith's "Lecture on the Priesthood" given 175 years ago on this date to 200 Relief Society sisters in a never-to-be-forgotten experience. With unmistakable foreboding, the Prophet predicts that his mission is coming to a close and that he must deliver the keys of the priesthood to the key leaders […]

Extraordinary Temple Endowment Sermon, 1 May 1842

LDS Chapel in Orem, UT 1485 N. 800 West, Orem, UT, United States

Three days after Joseph Smith gave to 200 Relief Society sisters in the Red Brick Store a "Lecture on the Priesthood," the Prophet elaborated on that priesthood lecture in his Sunday morning sermon to thousands meeting in the "Grove" on the slope down and west of the emerging Nauvoo Temple. Three days later, the Prophet […]

A Long-Awaited Day: Joseph Introduces the Endowment for the Nauvoo Temple

Private gathering because of room size limits. Attend 5 May 2017 event.

By the impressions of the Spirit, Joseph Smith felt he did not have long to live so he conferred the "keys of the Kingdom of God" "that the divine treasures of his mind might not be lost with his death." This is one of the 40 Temple Priesthood Restoration events of the Prophet's ministry. Click […]

The Significance of Joseph and Hyrum Smith Receiving their Endowment, 5 May 1842

YSA 1st Stake Center 864 West 800 South, Orem, UT, United States

After conferring the Endowment upon eight selected leaders of the Church the day before, Joseph and Hyrum receive the same blessings from them the day after. Specifically, On 4 May 1842, Joseph and Hyrum Smith administer for the first time the fulness of the Endowment (including its 13 covenants) to eight individuals. The next day, […]

The Mosaic Tabernacle: Key to Understanding the Endowment of May 1842

Hurricane UT Stake Center 677 S. 700 West, Hurricane, UT, UT, United States

In August of 2016, Andrew F. Ehat, Director & Research Historian of the Joseph Smith Research Institute, was privileged to assist in conducting over 2,500 individuals invited by the Public Affairs Councils of Southern California from San Diego to Los Angeles meeting in Murrieta, CA, where a full-scale replica of the ancient Tabernacle of the […]

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