The Words of Joseph Smith — Coming in 2018

The Joseph Smith Research Institute (JSRI) announces the long-anticipated enlarged edition of The Words of Joseph Smith: The Prophet’s Teachings from the Earliest Manuscripts is scheduled for 2018. This book will be the most comprehensive, annotated, and accurate compilation of the Prophet’s public doctrinal teachings ever published, including never before published materials. This will be volume one in the JSRI’s Joseph Smith Studies Series. Sign-up to receive periodic notices of publication progress.

Joseph Smith on the Sin of Ingratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! Even to you not in the United States!

One of my favorite little-known sayings of the Prophet Joseph Smith was recalled by President Brigham Young in 1869:

     I recollect hearing the Prophet Joseph say, many times in his day, that no greater sin was ever committed on this earth than the sin of ingratitude. (Brigham Young, Address, 10 October 1869, Deseret News Weekly 18 [1 Dec. 1869]: 507, to be published in Teachings and Sayings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, forthcoming from the Joseph Smith Research Institute).

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Introducing the Joseph Smith Research Institute

On 16 February 2015, Todd McLauchlin, Bill Mark, Joshua Chandler, and Nick White formed an exploratory committee to move towards the creation of an institute dedicated to publishing important research on Joseph Smith. In particular, having heard Andrew F. Ehat in several presentations on various aspects of the life and teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, they decided to formalize the creation of an organization, in part, dedicated to publishing his research. Continue reading “Introducing the Joseph Smith Research Institute”